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Dear Festividder

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Dear Festividder

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Hi, lovely Festividder!

Sorry about the slightly unhelpful notes on my sign-up – I did it all a bit last minute this year. There are some slightly more helpful thoughts here, if you want them. I belatedly realised that all of the fandoms I’ve requested are ones I’ve asked for in previous years, because I am unimaginative apparently. So a lot of this is copied directly from my past FV letters. But the main thing is that you make a vid that you enjoy. :-) I love Festivids, it's one of the highlights of my year, and mostly I just want everyone else to have a great time too.

3 Idiots [Movie]
Copied & pasted from last year, because I request this *every year* and I believe in my heart that ONE DAY someone will make me a vid about these glorious idiots, and their beautiful, life-affirming friendship: What do I love about this film? Well, I love that it's simultaneously heartbreakingly sincere and earnest and COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS. It's a wonderful combination of wacky fun and poignant moments. It's a film about taking risks and the joy of learning, it's about being true to yourself and being kind and bringing something to the world and I just love it. It's a vid about the joy of having really awesome friends. Any vid about this film would make me happy.

Lagaan [Movie]
Also copied & pasted from last year: I just really appreciate Aamir Khan's face, ok? It's such a good face. As I've said before, this is a gorgeous film packed with wonderful choreography and a fantastic, uplifting underdog story. I love Bhuvan and Gauri *very* much. I also have happy nostalgic feelings about this film, because I first watched it with a bunch of my friends in the first year of university, and so any vid you make is going to give me a warm glowy feeling. Also I can't believe this film made me care about cricket. (!) The only thing I am not so keen on is the love-triangle aspect (ugh, love-triangles), so I would prefer that not to be the main focus of the vid.

Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy [1891 TV series]
Copied & pasted from the year BEFORE last year *gasp*: cracky British comedy! DOUGLAS ADAMS! <3 I was introduced to H2G2 first via the books, then via the TV series on VHS, and only came to the radio series much later. Consequently, tiny purplefringe imprinted on this hilariously wobbly TV interpretation quite strongly. (Though I still have no idea how they expected anyone to take Zaphod's second head remotely seriously.) ANYWAY. A vid about Arthur Dent's No Good Very Bad Galactic Holiday would be fab. Or Wacky Fun In Space With Ford, Arthur & Friends! Or, I don't know, a ridiculous study on The Hard Life Of Marvin the Paranoid Android, or even a Guide entry about the TV show itself. Anything! If you have offered this, you are clearly a hoopy frood who knows where your towel is and I love you already.

The Hour [TV series]
Copied from the year before last as well: This show is just beautiful and captivating. As always, I am more interested in the characters than the unfolding plot, so a character/relationship study would be my preference, over a vid focusing on the intrigue of the various scandals and mysteries. Bel and Freddie. BEL AND FREDDIE OMG. I loved their relationship, in all its nuanced glory - I love them giggling and drunk and dancing and jumping on beds together, I love their lingering stares, their in-jokes, their easy friendship in S1, their more complex longing in S2, their complete inability to admit the thing that is GLARINGLY OBVIOUS between them. I also love them both as individuals, and am particularly interested in Bel's relationships with all of the other women in the show. I love all the female characters, and think there are some really fascinating dynamics between them - and I especially LOVE LOVE LOVE Lix and omg if you want to make a vid entirely about her (and Randall, who is also wonderful) then GO FOR IT because she DESERVES it. (I'm really not a Hector fan, I'm afraid. I mostly found him too boring to care about, until the very end of S2. Also see above re 'ugh, love triangles')

Hamilton (Broadway Musical) [Audio, Performance]
Ahahahahaha HAMILTON. Oh god. I also requested this last year, when I was at PEAK HAMILFEELS, and was thrilled when there were NINE completely different and brilliant vids for this wonderful show, even though none of them were for me. A year on, I’m still utterly obsessed. But there’s more footage now! There’s the Hamildoc, which is very shiny and full of things, and about a million more interviews, appearances, and all sorts of footage available. #YAYHAMLET I’d love anything for this show. Last year I asked for a vid about the *phenomenon* of Hamilton – about its creation, its cast, its impact. About Lin and the lyrics and Chernow and the ten dollar bill and #Ham4Ham and the fandom and the White House and the idea of ‘legacy’. And I’d still love that <3 Or alternatively, if all the possible external source is daunting, I’d love a character study of any of the main characters, or a relationship study of Ham and Burr, Eliza and Angelica, Ham and Washington, or Ham/Eliza.

The Rest of Us Just Live Here, by Patrick Ness [Book]
I read this book for the first time a few months ago, and fell in love. It's the first Patrick Ness book I've read, but it had been on my radar for ages, as I enjoy things that play with genre tropes - I bought it as soon as it came out in paperback. There was just something really appealing about the concept - the 'normal' kids at the Sunnydales and Coalhill Schools of the world, who are obviously aware of all the weird stuff that's going down, but their main concern is getting through the year. And the book did not let me down. It's warm, very funny, big-hearted - and even made me cry, which not many books do. I do have some strongly conflicting feelings about the ending, but I guess as there's no actual visual source for this anyway, there's no need to include that especially! There's a wonderful sibling relationship, some fantastic and real-feeling friendships and relationships. And also, a minor god of cats :-D It's a book about the importance of small victories and daily triumphs - it made me think of a line from the Doctor Who episode, The God Complex: 'I'd forgotten not all victories are about saving the universe’.

I'd love to see a trailer-style vid, or an ensemble/summary vid for this. As far as book sources go, I'd have thought this would be not too complex, as it's set in the present day in a US high school. There should be an abundance of possible footage from the likes of Buffy, Twilight, Class, probably things like Teen Wolf and The Vampire Diaries though I've never watched those. But those are just suggestions! If you've also read and loved this book you may have other ideas :-)

The Gentleman Bastards series, by Scott Lynch [Book]
BOOK SERIES OF MY HEART <333 I am very bad at picking favourites, but if I was forced to list my favourite books, this series would be up there. I've read the three existing books three or four times now, and was bitterly disappointed when the fourth book was delayed yet again this September...but you know what would console me? A VID. I desperately need this to be a TV series so I can make one of the vids in my head for this, but that's not going to happen in the near future. There's a ton of superb fanart for this series on tumblr, but I have no real headcanons, actor-wise. But I just love love love Locke and his little Crooked family - I especially love his relationship with Jean, but I also adore Sabetha and Calo and Galdo and Bug and Chains and Nazca and Ezri and Zamira <3333 I love the world, and the atmosphere, and the humour and the criiiiiime and LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE THING ABOUT THESE BOOKS OKAY. I think it would be really hard to vid, as the worldbuiding is so specific, particularly in the cities. The piratical bits of RSURS might be a bit easier, if you wanted to focus on them? Or...idk if you have some ideas for this, just go for it.
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