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Dear Festividder

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Dear Festividder

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So, firstly, yaaaaaaaaay you are going to make me a VID! This is the best news ever, and I am very grateful and I know that I will love whatever you make ♥ I hope you have a wonderful time creating it.

It is completely up to you how to tackle the source - I have no burning ideas for any of these requests, so will be surprised and overjoyed by whatever you end up doing. Having said that, I found last year that knowing a bit about my recipient's general tastes and interests was really helpful, so if that applies to you too, here are some thoughts you are completely at liberty to ignore:


I'm not fussy about song choice - my favourite artists are an ecclectic mix! Female singer-songwriters with stunning voices feature heavily (Vienna Teng, Regina Spektor, Laura Marling, Florence & the Machine, Marina & the Diamonds, Janelle Monae, Joan Baez, Sinead O'Connor...) but then so do growly old guys (Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave), folk music (Bellowhead...and anything involving sexy folk violin), strummy-guitar-type people (Paul Simon), indie-rock-type people (The Killers) orchestral-epic-type people (Muse, Elbow)....basically if it isn't really heavy metal or very sweary rap I will probably like it. And whilst I love all of the aforementioned artists and would be delighted to have a vidsong by any of them, vids are one of the main ways I discover new artists, so would love to be introduced to someone new!

General vidding thoughts

I am a particular sucker for any of the following in this (non-exhaustive and in no-particular order) list: character studies, vids that explore close friendships/romantic relationships in an emotional way, teams and found families, vids with lots of swishy movement, vids with punchy cutting on the beat, vids that make use of the inherent beauty or imagery in the source, visual parallels (mmmmm parallels...), meta vids, feel-good comedy vids, people laughing/smiling/dancing/hugging, the following people's faces - Michael Palin, Aamir Khan, Jonny Lee Miller, Romola Garai, Jamie Lee Curtis...also, Gromit.


Michael Palin's travel shows

Ok, this is a long shot, but if anyone wants to make me a vid to Michael Palin's many and varied travel shows, that would be amaaaaaaaaaaazing and I would love you FOREVER. Lovely Mr Palin travelling the world, seeing new things, trying new experiences, meeting new people, being a polite, kind, affable, hilarious, ridiculous gentleman - that would fab! This is the only one I had any vague musical suggestion for - I thought this song might be nice, but feel free to ignore that and go with whatever you would enjoy vidding!

A Fish Called Wanda

As you may be able to tell, I love Michael Palin quite a lot....and this is where it started, when I was about 12. This is my favourite film *ever*. I would really enjoy something wacky and fun and ridiculous about Wanda (and her magical smile) and Ken and Otto and Archie (and Wendy!) and their shenanigans.

3 Idiots

This film, and the three core characters, give me Feelings. I love the vibrancy of it, the earnestness, the wacky fun (am a big fan of wacky fun), and the sincerity with which it deals with some truly tragic themes. It's a film that makes me laugh and cry (very few films make me cry). Any vid that captures all the fun and the joy as well as the deep emotional core of the friendship between Rancho, Farhan and Raju would be wonderful.


As you may be able to tell, I also love Aamir Khan quite a lot...I have no particular ideas for what you could do with this film, but it's beautifully shot and there is some wonderful choreography that might be fun to work into a vid. Whether you choose to focus on the underdog story or the love story between Bhuvan and Gauri - or a mixture! - I really don't mind, because it's all amazing. The only thing I am not so keen on is the unrequited love story between Bhuvan and Elizabeth, so would prefer that not to be the central focus.

Emma (2009)

And now for something completely different! I only discovered this recently, mostly for reasons of JONNY LEE MILLER'S FACE. Also: ROMOLA GARAI'S FACE. <333 So anything that shows those off would be lovely. I particularly love the wonderful subtlety of that dance scene and their gradually blossoming realisation of their feelings.

Wallace and Gromit

Wallace and Gromit because WHY NOT. I don't have any particular feelings about the film, so feel absolutely free not to include that if you don't want to - but A Grand Day Out, The Wrong Trousers and A Close Shave were a fundamental part of my childhood, and I would love to see the crack team that is Wallace and Gromit get their own vid! :-)
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