Vidukon Programming!

Look at me, making three posts in as many days \o/ And all of them about vidding, because I absolutely refuse to talk about What Is Happening In The World on here, and my actual daily life is very boring and nobody needs to hear about that, and I haven't got my brain in gear to talk about the latest episode of Doctor Who yet (!!!!!!) and I've got many (not all, but many) of my other tv-related emotions off my chest through the medium of capslock on WhatsApp (they should rename it WhatsCapp). So: vidding it is!

In exciting and only-slightly-terrifying news - I have joined the VidUKon ConCom this year! \o/ I'm . . . not entirely sure how this happened?? I definitely remember offering last summer to help [personal profile] cosmic_llin with things behind the scenes if she needed, and then suddenly I found myself in co-charge of programming. But it's exciting! Continuing my running trend of making the con slightly more challenging for myself every year.

SO, on that note: please submit your programming ideas! It would be super awesome to have some, you know, actual content at this con. Otherwise it's just going to be three days of Vid Roulette from the (several hundred) vids I have saved on my laptop, and whilst I'm not saying that wouldn't be enjoyable, it could lead to some serious emotional whiplash. Here are the kinds of things we're looking for:

VIDSHOWS: Alongside the regularly-scheduled shows (Vidder's Choice, Premieres, the Festivids show), we would like some other curated shows! If you've come to the con before, you don't need me to explain this to you. If you haven't - head over to the very snazzy website and check out the shows from past years! They can be shows on a particular theme or concept (eg. 'Home' or 'Religion' or 'Fandom' or 'Be Gay, Do Crimes!') or about a particular genre of media (eg. horror, or SFF set in space or video games) or kind of character/relationship (Vampires! Lady Spies! OT3 relationships! ...ngl I would watch that show). Or the show can be constructed around the kind of vid (eg. constructed reality vids, comedy vids, dance vids, vids set to non-english-language music, vids with a POV switch). We had a karaoke show one year, which was fun, and we once had an amazing show which showcased snapshots of human history through the medium of vids in chronological order, from Ice Age (20,000 BCE) to Goodbye Lenin (1989). We often have a show for vids made a decade ago, if someone volunteers to put it together - so this year we'd be looking at vids from 2010! (what is linear time??) Possibilities are endless and exciting! You can run a show by yourself or in a pair or group - and if you've never done it before and are thinking it sounds fun, please ask me things :) I super enjoy talking about it. If we have too many shows submitted, priority will be given to those run by people attending the con - but if you are supporting the con you should totally submit ideas too \o/

PANELS: We would also LOVE some panel suggestions! Past panels have included Anatomy of a Vid, in which three panellists each spent 15 minutes lovingly analysing one of their favourite vids; we've had some amazing academic panels on the history of vidding as 'women's work', vidding as critique, fannish archives; we've talked about vidding different kinds of canons, about watching vids as a vidder vs as a non-vidder, about various technical aspects of vidding. It's always a bit more of a struggle to find panels, but I would really love it if people had suggestions <3 I personally am always up for LEARNING things and so would be very enthusiastic if anyone out there wanted to talk about, eg. vidding to different genres of music, or how using visual effects can sway a viewer's emotions, or different ways to beta vids. But please suggest things! Any things!

To submit a vidshow idea, go HERE, and to submit a panel idea, go HERE and click 'create a show/panel'.

PREMIERES: We are also looking for PREMIERES! You do not have to be attending or supporting the con to submit a premiere! You do not have to be an experienced vidder - it could be your first vid! :D It can be about any source. Literally the only requirement is that it isn't released online or at another con before it airs at the VidUKon show (Saturday 13th June) and that it's submitted to us by the 10th May. Premieres is a great time - it takes place after dinner on Saturday night, and tends to result in a lot of emotional hangovers for everyone. GOOD TIMES.

So, um, yes, please send us things. I really don't want to subject everyone to three days of Vid Roulette.

There are more vids in heaven and earth, Horatio

Er, so on a WILDLY DIFFERENT emotional note to my previous entry . . . I made a vid for Hamlet (2009), aka David Tennant's Hamlet :D :D :D I started it last year, making it the fifth (5th) vid featuring David Tennant that I made in the Year Of Our Lord 2019, because apparently one decade on from the Tenth Doctor's regeneration and NOTHING IN MY BRAIN HAS CHANGED. I did not expect this to be my life, this time last year, but here we are.

Collapse )

I love what a collaborative experience vidding can be. I've done quite a bit of beta-ing lately (god I really want to say 'of late'), some of it also for people I really don't know well, and it makes me happy that I can contribute to someone else's art even a tiny fraction of what other people contribute to mine. So thank you [personal profile] rydra_wong and [personal profile] elisi, you are both great <3 Here's a vid:

Grounds For Divorce
edited by [personal profile] purplefringe
fandom: Hamlet (2009)
music: Grounds for Divorce by Elbow
summary: there's a hole in my neighbourhood / down which of late I cannot help but fall
content notes: lots of rapid cuts/jump cuts. Some static. Quick shot of a cut on someone's hand. Spoilers for a 421 y/o play.

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I received TWO VIDS AGAIN THIS YEAR and I am so happy and grateful and overwhelmed /o\ I don't???? deserve???? such???? nice???? things?????

I received You Might Think, a beautiful and perfect Pushing Daisies vid by [personal profile] sisabet, which INSTANTLY filled me with an intense need to rewatch the show - it's a delighful, loving look at all the joy in Ned and Chuck's relationship, and all the creative ways they find to negotiate their . . . particular problem. It's beautifully cut with a wonderfully light touch, in a way that really highlights simultaneously the sweetness and the awkwardness of their life together. There's a line about Ned's 'fragile smile' paired with the perfect clip, that breaks me every time I watch it. (I love him so much, you guys. And I want to *be* Chuck. Argh.) I hadn't even considered that Pushing Daisies might be eligible for FV so this was a last-minute request, and I'm so glad I asked for it.

I ALSO received A Gorgeous Vid Moment, a QUEER EYE VID by [personal profile] cosmic_llin, who is the SNEAKIEST MOTHERFORKER IN THE WORLD, jfc. I am SO MAD AT HER :D :D :D We literally watched this together with our friends like three days ago and she kept COMPLETELY POKER FACED and I am so overjoyed and so mad at her, I have been yelling at her via whatsapp for the last hour :D :D

ANYWAY, this gem of a vid is set to YMCA and oh my GOD I'm so, so, thrilled it exists - it is warm, and wholesome, and heartfelt, and earnest, and kind, and captures everything I love about the show. ( . . . Honestly just from those adjectives I should have guessed [personal profile] cosmic_llin made it.) Please watch this vid, but only when you are emotionally ready because it WILL make you cry, in a good way. It uses this song to *perfection* to highlight one of the main themes of Queer Eye - not just personal transformation and learning to value yourself, but personal transformation through community, and through truly allowing yourself to connect with others and be valued. Come to think of it, this is also a theme in Pushing Daisies. And in The Good Place, which emotionally devastated me with its finale last night.

Anyway, please watch these vids <3

Some other Festivids I loved this year:

Be Brave and Children's Work - there were six Star Trek Discovery vids this year, all of them spectacular, but these two about Michael and Spock's relationships with each other and their parents, were my favourites. They are both very different, but there are so many layers and things to unpack in each of them <3

Hello My Old Heart and Let Me Go - two gorgeous, very moving Moana vids

Untitled Goose Vid - The Untitled Goose Game, what a total delight.

Body Talks - Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers films - wonderful dance vid

Try Everything - a lovely, uplifting vid for Gourmet Makes (also: Claire Saffitz's face) which gave me unexpected emotions

Personal Jesus - fantastic Fleabag vid starring the Hot Priest

What's To Come - completely lost my mind over this incredible Jesus Christ Superstar vid :D

D&D 101 and Can't Stop The Feeling - two fun, joyful Critical Role vids which I loved even though I don't go here.

Juice - hilarious and brilliant Vicar of Dibley vid about Geraldine Living Her Best Life

We're Here, But Should We Have Come? - Richard Ayoade living the opposite of his Best Life

Victorious - an utterly haunting vid for Moulin Rouge

Heroes (We Could Be) - absolutely need to watch Raising Dion. There is SO much love in this vid.

Higher Love - astonishingly coherent and phenomenally queery vid for Xanadu, the most batshit film I have ever seen

Mahna, Mahna - I have absorbed a love of My Brother, My Brother and Me vicariously via such_heights, and this vid made me laugh a lot

Renegades - I have never watched this incredibly 90s show (Roar) but this vid somehow gave me a lot of feelings anyway??

Our House - hilarious vid for Ghosts, a show about a perfectly normal couple who move in to a perfectly normal house and nothing unusual whatsoever happens

So, yes, Festivids <3333 my heart is VERY full. (And I'm still mad at you, [personal profile] cosmic_llin)


I v much should be working on my festivid, which is due in 5 days and is still Not Finished, despite wonderful notes from my beta.

BUT INSTEAD I spent this evening re-watching Doctor Who because, friends, I have Thoughts and Feelings about it! And I can't concentrate on anything else until I have written them down at GREAT LENGTH. What a glorious thing! It has been So Long, and I had forgotten how to feel like this about my show. (Possibly there are other reasons I have Thoughts and Feelings again now, but that is another post.)

The first time around I watched Part 1 alone in my flat and then [personal profile] such_heights PHONED ME on her PHONE like some sort of NON-MILLENNIAL and put me on speaker so I could flail with her and [personal profile] happydork and it was GREAT. :D [personal profile] such_heights and I used to call each other after every Christmas episode of DW, and I have such happy memories of those phonecalls. For Part 2 I went to Casa SuchDorks and got to flail with [personal profile] such_heights whilst on the same sofa which was even more delightful. There was a great deal of waving of hands and clutching at each other, and then trying to yell about our feelings quietly after the episode when poor [personal profile] happydork had to work.

The other thing to say is that, as a former Bond Girl*, I felt personally victimised by the entire concept of this episode :P I also can't believe that the next Bond film is called 'No Time To Die', which is a Doctor Who crossover title if ever there was one. Why is this happening to me.

(*...I worked, for the first 3 years of my working life, as the office assistant for Ian Fleming's literary estate. I was Miss Moneypenny. I have the hilarious business cards to prove it. I got the job because my boss was - is, we are still in touch - a HUGE DW fan and we talked in my 'interview' about how much we both loved David Tennant and that is 100% why I got the job. How have things come full circle like this. What is time.)

Anyway, Collapse )

Into this furnace I ask you now to venture / You whom I cannot betray

Well, friends, it has now been exactly six months since the Good Omens TV show took over my whole life, and I have just finished my fourth (4th) vid. Yes, it's also my eighth (8th) vid set to Vienna Teng. WHAT OF IT. I DO WHAT I WANT, THOR.

Collapse )

I LEARNED THINGS making this one! I am delighted that with each new vid I make using FCP, I am learning new things about how it works. This time I taught myself how to use colour masks and keyframes (well, I say 'how to use'...more like 'how to get them to do a thing via trial and error in a way that is probably much less efficient than how they are supposed to be used', but you know). I also did more with recolouring and special effects than I have ever done before, in the course of taking a tiny clip from Supernatural and a tiny clip from a Billie Eilish music video that Twitter promoted to me at just the right moment, and editing them to do what I wanted. LEARNING THINGS. \o/

Huge, HUGE, ENORMOUS thanks to both [personal profile] elisi and [personal profile] promethia_tenk who went above and beyond, and very kindly & patiently talked this through with me at great length over A MILLION rambling emails, and between them made this a MUCH better vid than I could have done alone <333

edited by [personal profile] purplefringe
fandom: Good Omens
music: Gravity by Vienna Teng
summary: I am a constant satellite / of your blazing sun
content notes: v brief shot of a nail being driven into someone's wrist at 00:30; v brief shot of a snake at 00:52; some flashing/flickering lights at 2:22-2:27

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Oh what a thing to have done


So, in case you were unaware, Children in Need have recorded an album this year, featuring many awesome actors singing favourite songs. Such as David Tennant singing 'Sunshine on Leith' by The Proclaimers :D (I love him. Have I mentioned that recently? I *love* him)

Anyway, the BBC released Jodie's contribution a few weeks early. I listened to it, then listened to it again, then listened to it about seventy thousand more times, then texted [personal profile] such_heights to say 'shall I vid the thing' and she said 'vid the thing' and so I vidded the thing because I do what she tells me. <3 And then I made her and the wonderful [personal profile] usuallyhats watch it and give me feedback and encouragement, for which I am, as ever, profoundly grateful.

It would be fair to say I had...mixed feelings about this season of Doctor Who. And I had mixed feelings ABOUT having mixed feelings, because god forbid I should just not overthink things for once. I don't want to get into any of those feelings now, and I possibly don't *ever* want to get into them here on this journal. But whatever my feelings about the writing and the episodes and the season as a whole, Jodie as the Doctor was COMPLETELY WONDERFUL. And re-watching this season to make this vid just confirmed that. I love her, I love her beautiful face, I love her total dorkiness, I love her enthusiasm for things, I love her kindness and I love everything about her that makes her the Doctor, just as I have loved every Doctor before her. I love Ryan and Yasmin and Graham. I love the new Tardis. Making this was a joy and a delight and I wish the song was about five minutes longer because there's so much more I wanted to include.

The vid is below - but MORE IMPORTANTLY, you can buy the song (and, indeed, the whole Got It Covered album) on the Children in Need website, and all the money goes to their very excellent cause <3

ALSO you can watch this ADORABLE CLIP of Jodie being surprised by Coldplay as she recorded the song. It made me cry /o\

edited by [personal profile] purplefringe
fandom: Doctor Who (series 11)
music: Yellow by Coldplay covered by JODIE WHITTAKER for Children in Need
summary: look how they shine for you
content notes: quite a lot of flashing lights throughout (many explosions in this show)

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Dear Festividder

Hello, most wonderful Festividder!

I am super excited to be participating in Festivids again after two years of noping out due to a combination of technical problems in my laptop and in my brain. But this year I am ON IT and look I've even written my letter before sign-ups closed.

As ever, about half my requests are things I have requested before, and am going to keep on requesting every year until someone makes them for me :P This is probably because I don't actually consume that much *new* media in any given year. I just consume the things I do very intensely.

Anyway, whatever you make the most important thing is that you enjoy making it!

Collapse )

I did my best, it wasn't much

guys, I...I made another Good Omens vid? A third one? I don't know what has happened, I don't understand anything any more, apparently Good Omens is my whole life now. (Which is good, I guess, because I have well and truly noped out of engaging with the Real World in quite a serious way, so it's nice to have something else to think about.)

This one has...Feelings in it. Many Feelings, which I absolutely did not know I had. But there we are. It's also to a piece of music about which I (along with approx. half the world) have Many Feelings, although I did know about those, because I once wrote a 2,000 word email-essay containing some of them. (it's NOT Queen, I promise)

I think I had a lot more to say, but it has temporarily escaped the chronicler's mind. Er. Have a vid, I guess.

Thank you to the wonderful [personal profile] soupytwist, [personal profile] such_heights & [personal profile] raven, who are lovely and thoughtful (and patient, and long-suffering) betas. If you haven't already, you should watch the Good Omens vids such_heights and raven have made recently, which are both breathtaking in very different ways.

edited by [personal profile] purplefringe
fandom: Good Omens
music: Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen, covered by Pentatonix
summary: there's a blaze of light in every word / it doesn't matter which you heard / the holy or the broken hallelujah. On faith, and falling, and freedom.
content notes: a shot of a snake at 00:18; a brief shot of a nail being driven into someone's wrist at 2:08. (I also have a version without the snake, if anyone would like that one)

ETA: I strongly recommend you go and read [personal profile] elisi's extraordinary Good Omens meta - the first section is a wonderful commentary on Aziraphale's journey as presented through this glorious vid by promethia-tenk, and the second section (about two thirds down the page) is about Crowley, and ties into this vid! YAY, INTER-TEXTUAL FANWORKS \o/

download: 169MB @ mediafire

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What has happened to my brain

So it has been exactly four (4) weeks since Good Omens graced our screens, and I, um, have made TWO vids for it already?? Collapse )

ANYWAY, shut up Phoebe. Here's a vid about Anathema Device, Agnes Nutter and The Book. It came to me in a flash as I crossed the road listening to Queen, the day before the show actually aired, and I started laughing a bit hysterically to myself in the street. If you are thinking, 'Phoebe, did you make a WHOLE VID just because of one (1) absurdly ridiculous lyric match?' you would be...entirely correct. I never thought I would love the show enough to actually make this. But apparently I do. I also have a newfound appreciation for Adria Arjona's meticulous acting choices, and also for her face.

Thank you to all the lovely people who have said nice and helpful things to me about this and/or reassured me that it is not terrible - [personal profile] elisi, [personal profile] soupytwist, [personal profile] such_heights, [personal profile] cosmic_llin & [personal profile] raven. I promise this vid is not a Trap.

Killer Queen
edited by [personal profile] purplefringe
fandom: Good Omens
music: Killer Queen by...Queen. Yes, really this time.
summary: Extraordinarily nice. (Nice: /naɪs/ [adjective] scrupulously exact)
content notes: some fast cutting throughout the vid.

download: 113MB @ mediafire



...oh look it's another new vid!

It has been OVER A YEAR since I last posted a vid, and now I am posting two in three days \o/ One for a current zeitgeist fandom, and one for...90s Star Trek. :) It feels so GOOD to be vidding again, I can't even tell you. Collapse )

Many many thank yous to [personal profile] cosmic_llin for her very insightful beta comments, and for patiently listening to me dither about which episodes to include and giving very good advice. Also to [personal profile] raven, [personal profile] such_heights & [personal profile] usuallyhats for watching and making reassuring noises at me <3

One Prairie Outpost
edited by [personal profile] purplefringe
fandom: Star Trek (TNG, DS9, VOY)
music: One Prairie Outpost by Carbon Leaf
summary: Alone in a flatland 'tween the dream and the real
content notes: some flashing lights; a shot of someone's palm being cut; a few context-specific upsetting shots but nothing graphic.

download: 128MB @ mediafire