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Dear Festividder

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Dear Festividder

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Hi Festividder! Nice to meet you.

I'm afraid this isn't going to be particularly helpful if you're looking for detailed thoughts or ideas, but I wanted to write something to let you know that I am super excited and will squee over whatever you choose to make me - I love vids probably more than is sensible, and I love all the films, plays and tv shows I've requested, and it therefore stands to reason that I will love anything you make :-) They are all sources that deserve to have beautiful vids made about them.

I especially enjoy (in no particular order) : character study vids, vids that explore close friendships/relationships in an emotional way, vids with lots of movement, vids that make use of the inherent beauty or imagery in the source, vids with a lot of visual parallels, meta vids, feel-good comedy vids, and David Tennant's face. Also Audrey Tautou's face. And Aamir Khan's face. So really you can't actually go wrong.

Have fun festividding!
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